Items Needed For 'Data Mining'

The list is relatively short. You'll need the
wealth of a shipping tycoon like China. A
signature that retains its maiden name.
The general idea that history repeats itself.
A reliable 401K which is by most accounts
considered "cautiously optimistic". Art for
art's sake. An obituary written well in ad-
vance. A couple of seersucker summer
suits. An old-fashioned rotary phone and a
phone book from '56. The uncanny ability
to mind-read. A religion that doesn't cause
heart burn. Pictures of the floating gardens
of Babylon. One lime-colored hula hoop.
A pair of genuine Mickey Mouse ears. A
guidebook to the first stop in your itinerary.
A room with a view of utopia. And at least
twenty-four hours to make your decision.


Maurice Oliver
Maurice Oliver worked in the 1980s as a freelance photographer in Europe. His collective poetry presented in this issue of WV? are based upon his 8-months of world travel in 1995, where he wrote his observations and experiences in a journal as an alternative to taking pictures. These records have evolved into what is his poetry. Here are three of these records...