With Background Music & A Dance Sequence

War was never a good listener. But it is a master of disguises:

-Gunfire that sounds like a beating heart.

-A cave that requires an access code to enter.

-Modern conveniences found in a sleazy bar.

-Loose change that adds-up to a fifty-cent deficient.

-A packing slip that smells like sulfuric acid.

-One Peeping Tom at a glory hole convention.

-The zipper in the fly of Global Warming.

-Any of the spaces between the rings of Saturn.

-Methadone boarding a plane at LaGuardia.

-The pastoral setting in a kung-fu movie.

-House lights that remain on during the day.

-A military strategy suffering from jock-itch.


Maurice Oliver
Maurice Oliver worked in the 1980s as a freelance photographer in Europe. His collective poetry presented in this issue of WV? are based upon his 8-months of world travel in 1995, where he wrote his observations and experiences in a journal as an alternative to taking pictures. These records have evolved into what is his poetry. Here are three of these records...