(ushering) God back in

an unconductive redux productive of “Nothing”
missive God continually gives His canonical opinion
fictional fission His mission in all religions the Book being written
nightly seminary seeding seminal everything
for night’s children

disdain’s refrain collective con-trick
pictorial depiction mission e-mission
the Book of Light’s sub-mission to waters over
off-white tonight rats live on no evil star
Phantasy’s ratty simulacra

King Nobodaddy as rotten log sodden
God of frogs you dogged the tain of the real [His] mirror
tainted by browning minions dropping
No-thing the thong unknown to song
the Devil got it on

inevitable deviation this refractive station
light to-night
where words dwindle mingling lingering feeling
bowed before silence under rays and clouds
and day today the sun so proudly loud

the logos on the face of the Waters the watery daughters
stain down to ground surrendered surrounded sensurround
sound walls wither Jericho a slithering sliver
C-r-e-e-p that love be craggy Craig
please don’t hurt me

subreptive delectation predilective iterative commie complaint again
dressing down world in
words a mantle down to ground light’s Cattle
battle dressed in dodgy white like stars
where rats in fact are and smell like that
i’ll do anything you want

to be instead of me” refuting tootling masturbatory legations
legions of smelly delegates from memory’s meaning the world
my whorish floor but heaven my concealing ceiling
unrevealing when words run down
and all we want at poetry’s red end

is an inarticulate sound roaring mourning
its morning and greed-needy greedy as the hungry sea
around me washing rinsed oblivion
a box of apples with truth in
or love or something

Wood-doom for woldy love welded
never quite enough or quiescent quiet
time already always re-tired re-tried
always already the infamy they’ve all got in for some whining “me”
theoria was ever queer so

“insert wor(l)d here []”?
who cares


David McLean
David McLean was born in Wales and has lived in Sweden since 1987. You can find out more about him at his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/david_mclean.