TurnOver (how nightmares go): nightmare #1

baby moses going over
the falls in a barrel
lands in the hands
of the land
of cleveland
where 'so much
really depends
on a red wheelbarrow'
can you tell me where the
hell's the methadone clinic?
watercolor wilderness
changing colors
by the ferry
where they keep
the factories and fairies
ice fishing through fossils
through all evil influences
to eerie fantasies
tugging up old
blue velvet coat
where family, friend & foe
will try to steal your soul
and got no other choice
with a hook through
jaw but to perservere
to finally know for sure--
"it's only a paper moon"
and kids driven home
brooding through the
school bus window
through leaves and
lagoons wondering
is this all i got to
look forward to?


Joseph Reich
Joseph Reich is a social worker who works out in the state of Massachusetts; A displaced New Yorker, who sincerely does miss diss-place, most of all the Smoothies on Houston Street, the Thai food, and bagels and bialys from The Lower East Side; When we all get a little older, hopes to bring wife and child to play in the playgrounds of New York.