I Misunderstood What Everyone Was Doing

For people who wait
For their turn to talk
Instead of being attentive
Instead of listening
It is hard in retrospect
To know if you answered
The right question
Or if there was any question
In the first place
At all.
When I got here
You were all standing around
And no one was talking
I had assumed that someone
Had told a joke
And you had all just
Finished laughing
What with the way
You were all kind of
Leaning forward
And some of your eyes
Looked a little wet..


Spencer Troxell
Spencer Troxell lives in Cincinnati with his wife and two kids.His work has appeared all over the web. He has an upcoming chapbook, Mule and Horse, due out this month by WV? Ebook Publishing. Keep up with him at spencertroxell.blogspot.com