A Sober Riot of Words

Agnomen amaranthine atavistic auscultation
Chrematistics claustrophobic concubine devious
Doyenne embryonic factotum farthing
Gallinipper gewgaw gnomic gossamer
Harbinger imbroglio intrepid keen

Lubricious migniard mordacious nimbus
Peccadillo pellucid philemotology puissant
Purloin redolent salacious subversive
Sumptuous suskin toccata traduce
Trepidation vagary woof zaftig


David Kowalczyk
David Kowalczyk lives and writes in Batavia, New York. He has taught English in South Korea and Guatemala, as well as at several colleges in the states. His poetry and fiction have appeared in five anthologies and over fifty magazines. He was founding editor of Gentle Strength Quarterly.