those bananas have brown spots

I have concluded that
no one should know what
bad bananas and stolen tortilla chips
taste like together (babyfoodburrito) and
this is
no one should eat this for dinner
with the morning coffee

My life has churned a set of
attachments into this odd mess
of french-bread smelling boys
and freckled swamp visitors
from Brazil

Stomach ache and anxious afternoon
What do I do with it? I am
writhing in this clutter
waiting for a metallic knock
that could
blue eyes but


Nicole Kuwik
Nicole Kuwik was born in Cleveland and misses fireflies in the summer. She spends a lot of time with a fish named Mortimer, and thinks all people who write poetry should develop a taste for apple brandy. She thanks you for reading her work and hopes you like it, at least a little bit.