Steps on High

The Dash-8 aircraft hovers
in a seagull imitation.

Engines glisten
as sun's nourishing rays cover
a friendship of farms
stitched on patterns below.

From my window perch clouds
form cotton balls of
misshapen puffs, pout
across the sky

and our plane a glider
at 18,000 feet, descending.

Roads inch across
green swaths of land
as an amalgam of colour
on a busy pallet

civilization’s photo album of
cottages circle lakes
poured into
the sink-hole of woods.

An earthly landing, a relief
from winded sky.


Richard L. Provencher
Richard L. Provencher has poems published in The New Quarterly, The Windsor Review, Caper Times, Tower Poetry, PusanWeb, Carousel, Quills Poetry, Neiderngasse, Pittsburgh Quarterly, Dublin Quarterly, The Sentinel, Thorn and Rose, PusanWeb, Poetry Sky, and many others. His poetry Chapbook “In the Light of Day” is available from Mercutio Press. He is a member of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. Richard and his wife, Esther, live in Truro, Nova Scotia.”