the sexiest suicide

the sexiest suicide must be when you wallow
in warm memories and razors live
against the unsubtle skin, bodies
spreading their legs to heaven, and homeless
hope like a god to swallow. the sexiest suicide
is living patiently through every tomorrow
like eternity was tattooed on the smelly skin
the sexiest suicide is this injurious living
and the lithe limbo within


David McLean
David McLean is Welsh though he has lived, rather reluctantly, in Sweden since 1987. So he knows what it's like to be dead. He has a couple of chapbooks out, one a free download, here, at Whyvandalism. The other, in print, can be ordered at He has a full length poetry collection available at Whistling Shade Press called Cadaver's dance. It can be ordered on or on A second book of 128 pp is coming from Erbacce-press in August, "pushing lemmings." There is a self-published book of 109 pages at Lulu called "eating your night" - There are round 600 poems now in, or forthcoming, in just over 250 magazines online and/or in print. Details are at his blog at htpp://